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Grant Property Management is a mid-sized property management firm with eighteen years of experience. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with exceptional service. This includes a pleasant experience for each person calling our office, the prompt return of calls or e-mails, the timely resolution of issues, attention to detail as well as attention to the “Big Picture”, easy access to senior management and most importantly, the “will do” attitude of everyone on our staff. This remains our overall business philosophy and distinguishes us from most of our competition.  

Also important to note is our policy of at least two thorough on site inspections of every property each week by our supervisory personnel.  This ensures that everything at the property is “just so” and enables us to correct day-to-day issues before people know they exist.

While most of our management responsibilities take place “behind the scenes”, it is our continuous and conscientious presence on the property that not only differentiates us, but also provides the membership with access to our senior staff. This opportunity to communicate ensures that the concerns of the residents are heard and addressed; whether it is a minor physical issue that we can resolve or a matter that should be brought to the Board’s attention. The ability to interact with a live person standing with you eliminates all the red tape. More importantly, it assists us with our responsibilities. While we will be on-site several hours a week, residents LIVE in the buildings and will, naturally, observe different or additional items that need to be addressed. Our presence and approachability are a HUGE step towards a satisfied membership. Our services can also include regular “violation” tours of the neighborhood to identify homes whose appearance has fallen below the standards set for the community.  Further, we track the violations carefully and follow up as appropriate with the owner or Association’s attorney, as maybe necessary.

It should be noted that Grant Property Management does not believe in “nickel and diming”. Our prices include copies, faxes, mailings, labels, letters, phone calls, etc. The only costs not included with our service are: postage, envelopes, the reimbursement of third party costs and computer checks and deposit slips.

While many management companies may appear equal on paper, the true test of a service company is their responsiveness to their clients’ needs…and ultimately the opinion of their clients.  Our reference list, which is available by request, is comprised of our entire client base…not just a select group of “pleased” accounts.

 Please contact us at your convenience…we look forward to meeting you!