About Grant Property Management




Grant Property Management opened its doors in 1990 and has been servicing Palm Beach and Broward county for over 25 years ago. The vision for GPM since its inception has been to provide a unique customer service experience. Providing clients with customized, tailored and individual service from some of the finest experienced/knowledgeable staff in the industry. GPM delivers professional service by utilizing our vetted staff that has an average of 15 years of combined tenure. This talented team, comprised of senior property managers, assistant property manager's, client supervisor's and our "behind the scenes" team, are poised to manage Home Owners Associations, COAS, Commercial & Medical Associations and more.

Our primary objective since inception has been to provide our clients with exceptional service. Exceptional service, in this context, means delivering a pleasant experience for each person calling our office, the prompt return of calls and/or e-mails, the timely resolution of issues, attention to detail as well as attention to the “Big Picture”, easy access to senior management and most importantly, the conscientious attitude of everyone on our staff.

Types Of Properties We Manage

Grant Property Management Condominium Management Firm

Keeping Our Accounts Satisfied Over the Long Term

We are not just the firm that keeps the grass trimmed and the community pool well kept, we work with clients to develop a long term road map with the goal of improving the overall quality of the association. The real difference between Grant Property Management and 'the other guys' is we strive to build a long lasting relationship with our clients. Perhaps this approach is why so many of our clients have stayed with us over the years. In an industry where associations jump from one property management firm to the next struggling to find a firm that understands the unique needs of their community, Grant Property Management prides itself on making these types of qualities a necessity.

Our existing clients are the best people to ask about the quality of service GPM delivers. Call us at (561) 417-4100 to request a list of current clients within our portfolio.