Prospective Clients

Why Grant Property Management?

The staff at Grant Property Management spends all day, every day, dedicated to Association needs and requirements. There are several major reasons why Grant Property Management has such a strong reputation. Property management is our only business; we don’t do anything else. Our property management team will investigate and recommend the best alternatives / courses of action for an Association?s specific situations. This includes great attention to your day-to-day details as well as strategic planning and imple?mentation for the near future and the long term. We anticipate issues before they become problems!

Sensitivity To The Residents Of The Association

Every Association has its own ?personality?. This requires a management firm that is sensitive not only to the needs of the Association, but more importantly, to the residents of the Association. Grant Property Management possesses the appropriate mix of qualities and abilities to manage in such a manner. While the majority of property management functions are actually conducted behind the scenes, the aspect that MOST residents notice is the physical maintenance of the community. How does the property look?

Relieve The Management Burden

Association management is a very time consuming undertaking, with wide ranging responsibilities that require a variety of skills, abilities and experience.

Supervising / Inspecting the physical condition of the common areas to ensure they meet the standards determined by the Board

Ensuring that any physical issues not meeting the established standards are addressed properly, responsibly and, most importantly, in a timely manner

Overseeing the day to day administration and financial management of the Association

Supervising / communicating with the vendors who provide your routine and non-routine maintenance services

Responding to resident ?issues? on a timely basis

Ensuring compliance with the Association?s governing documents, all City, County and State codes and any and all changes to the Florida Statutes (which govern Associations)

Maintaining open lines of communication between the Board and the Membership

Obtaining bids on work to be completed

Free Up The Boards Time

Board members are volunteers. The time they invest in managing the Association?s affairs should be spent on important matters.A management company should address day-to-day matters and keep the Board?s involvement in these ?mundane? issues to a minimum. Let Grant Property Management assume the responsibility for managing the routine business of the Association and let US do the ?legwork? on special projects that need to be addressed. In this way, we can bring all the satisfactory alternatives to the Board?s attention ?enabling the Board Members to retain their roles as decision makers and not as administrators, project coordinators or unpaid supervisors!