Management Services:

Property management services can be broken down into three broad categories:

Physical Management of the Property, Administrative Management and Financial Management.
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Physical Management


While the majority of property management functions are actually conducted behind the scenes, the aspect that MOST residents notice is the physical maintenance of the community. How does the property look? Is the landscaping being kept to the standards of the neighborhood? Is the irrigation system working properly and achieving maximum coverage? Do all the gates and keys work properly? How about the pool? Is it clear blue and inviting? Is the pool furniture arranged on a regular basis? Are the bathrooms meticulous? Is all the life / safety equipment that is required on-site? Is litter picked up around the community on a regular basis?

We strive to always have our community’s appearances be as favorable as possible within the budget guidelines. Read on to see how we accomplish this goal…


Each of our properties receives a minimum of two on-site inspections per week by our supervisory personnel (usually one by our Field Supervisor and one by the Property Manager). The on-site examinations will include inspecting the property to ensure that the standards for the Association are being met. Any “anomalies” will be handled on a timely basis by the most cost efficient person qualified to perform the work.


We have a four tiered approach to address repairs / replacements of the Association’s property.

Depending on the issue, we determine the level of skill required to fix the problem:

First: For simple issues we will send one of our maintenance men?at minimal cost

Second: Our Field Supervisor will address more complicated issues, also at minimal cost

Third: Our in house handyman?for projects that are larger in scope but that do not require pulling permits, etc?the cost is based on the project and is approved in advance by the Board

Fourth: A trade person from our corral of vendors that have proven their ability to complete the work at a reasonable price for their particular trade.

This approach ensures that the Association’s issues are addressed properly and in the least expensive manner.


Prepare non-structural specifications, solicit bids, analyze and negotiate proposals and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for all non-routine work that is required by the Association.


Supervise ALL of the Association’s contracted services regularly and review for performance, economy and adherence to contract (e.g. landscaping, sprinkler service, janitorial, handyman services, electricity consumption, water usage, etc.). Meet with vendors on-site as appropriate regarding repairs / replacements / enhancements.


Monitor / test the Association’s equipment regularly for proper operation. This includes, but is not limited to: irrigation pumps, gate operation, emergency generators, etc. Upon discovery or notification that a piece of equipment is not working properly, immediately address the issue or inform the appropriate service provider and ensure timely repair / replacement etc. of the component.


During non-business hours our regular business phone line is transferred to our after hours system. Anyone calling Grant Property Management during non-business hours is given the opportunity to leave a message or to have the system automatically contact our “on call” supervisor. Emergency calls are typically returned within one hour.


Grant Property Management will manage all emergency repair services as necessary, ensuring satisfactory completion of all repairs and maintenance to the quality levels and standards of the property.

Administrative Services

Financial Services